Binissuès, live the authentic country life and feel an idyllic natural environment. Traditional Menorca live, come and enjoy it!

Binissuès is a unique place in a privileged environment in which to revive the rural life of Menorca, where know and feel the essence of the island with the whole family. A space in which to enjoy the best traditional cuisine and magnificent views.

A different tour. Do not miss it!

Field work live and live every morning. Come to the country life of Menorca Xec hand, John and Mary, a family of peasants who, with their animals, and show you fun farm work as been made over many generations. Near and attractive spectacle invites visitors to participate and feel like a real farmer. And to complete the activity you an example of traditional folk dance and a tasting of typical products of the island. A new proposal in Menorca that you will love !.

The manor house, now a museum, shows the feeling of nostalgia for the countryside. As a visitor will have acclimated stays and an audiovisual showing the life of the owner family during your vacation.

The farm house, the center of life and organization of field work, it shows the daily lives of over a hundred years ago. The kitchen, with its large fireplace, is the main space for the preparation of food and the family reunion.

Binissuès has two collections to look at the detail.