6. Binimel•là – Cala del Pilar

This stage of Camí de Cavalls travels through one of the most abrupt parts of the north coast, characterised by sloped terrain covering a long stretch of untouched coast. These steep slopes give rise to unique natural landscapes, such as those founds Cala Pregonda, where the yellow tinge of volcanic rocks attract attention. Other virgin coves on this section include Cala Barril, Cala en Calderer, Binimel•là or Pregondó.

The coastal waters in this area form part of the North Minorcan Marine Reserve. This restricted area was created in order to increase the regeneration of natural resources and to ensure the preservation of its key ecosystems.

Distance: 8.9 km

Level: difficult

Tourist services:

Hotels: no

Bars, restaurants and supermarkets: Restaurant: Binimel•là beach.