Historical Buildings

The episcopacy has had a historical influence of the island’s society. This power is reflected in a number of religious buildings which can be observed through out Minorca. Minorca Cathedral is the clearest example of this wealthy patrimony as well as the most important gothic representative of the island. Built in Ciutadella, at the ends of the 13th century, on top of an ancient Muslim mesquite, it was crowned during the 13th century. Apart from the cathedral, the huge variety of architectonic styles to be found in Minorca will continue to surprise us:the neo-gothic inside of the Santa Maria Church, at Maó with its magnificent organ and excellent musical sources; the neo-classic inspired Carme Church together with its Cloister, where different cultural events are held. In order to close this clerical tour, the best way is to visit the Toro Sanctuary, inhabited by a Franciscan community, at the top of El Toro mountain, a visit not to be missed due to its unique beauty.

The middle class families still have a traditional specific importance on the island. Its palaces, with various centuries of age; will draw our attention thanks to its great expressiveness in its architectonic lines, which represent perfectly the influence of the Minorcan aristocracy.

Es Born Square


The splendorous Born square is Ciuadell's nervous centre, the centre of the city emerging from a labyrinth of streets full....

King Island


In the middle of the Port of Mahon, approximately half way between the mouth of the port and its end, you find the Isla del....

Monte Toro Sanctuary


At the summit of the Toro mountain, with its 358 metres of height( the highest point on the island), we will ahve the chance....

Santa Maria Church


Right in the centre of Maó rises a solid silhouette finished off with a bell tower, which characterises the city. We are....

Carme Church


We find the Carme Church in the heart of Maó, where the trading bustle as well as the leisure atmosphere is constant. This....

La Catedral


Right in the middle of the old town centre of Ciutadella, we can find a building which will astonish us without doubt: The....