All this admiration from the Minorcan inhabitants towards art is cast in its many museums which give us an approach to the island’s cultural reality. By so, we will be able to understand the importance the Minorcan society feel for the natural environment; at the Museu de la Natura or the Ecomuseu at Cap de Cavallería. The Hernández Sanz -Hernández Mora Museum, located within the Carme Cloister in Maó, holds a sample of furniture, pieces and paintings, as well as a library compilating information about Minorca, which allows one to get a clear picture of the important contribution of the island’s authors to the universal art and culture. The Minorca Museum, located in an old Franciscan convent, is a true witness of the intense history outlived by the island. Inside, one can admire its enormous cultural heritage left behind by ancient civilizations through out centuries.

In the same way, the Museo Municipal de Ciutadella, in the historical building of El Bastió de sa Font, offers us a journey through the Minorca’s ancient history by means of items directly related with the life of the first settlers of the island. This list of museums carries on with the Diocessà Museum in Ciutadella, where we have the opportunity of admiring paintings from the 17th-18th centuries up to contemporary art, archaeological objects together with gold and silver work and liturgical art.

Art Galeries


It is not surprising to the onlooker that with such a diverse topography and rich culture that the island has always....

The Ciuitadella Local Museum


The Ciuitadella Local Museum is installed in the historical building of Bastió de sa Font, a vestige of the city walls. Its....

Diocesan Museum


The Diocesan Museum of Minorca is situated in the old Augustine convent. This is an architectural complex dated from the....

Menorca Museum


The Minorca Museum chambers occupy what was once the old Franciscan monastery, with its beautiful baroque lines, and are....