Basílica Paleocristiana de Son Bou

The paleochristian basilisk of Son Bou is one of the oldest religious constructions on the island. Its origin may be influenced by foreigners from Africa and the Far East. It is chronologically located between the 5th and 6th century, becoming one of the largest and best preserved structure wise among the other churches kept from this period. It is based on a rectangular shape directed from east to west. The basilisk withholds a heading of three divisions, separated by columns and a portico. Its baptising basin, built as a monolithic cylinder to the outside and shaped as a cross to the inside, is situated on the left hand of the heading.

It is surprising to find a small entrance hall before the nartex, which was supposed to make the entrance more solemn.

This monument is of great historical value measures 21 by 11 metre, and the entrance hall is 11 by 2,75 metres.

The outside of the basilisk shows an authentic necropolis formed by tombs dug out of the rock.

It is reached from the road between Alaior and Son Bou. The basilisk is at the end of the beach.