Cala el Pilar

Cala Pilar is one of the beaches with the most difficult access on the island, which leads to the fact of finding itself quite isolated but, in advantage, as being one of the less visited, its is one of the best web preserved. It is a good choice for those in search of peace. It is quite wide in extension and its sands are coloured in a golden red tone. Close by we can discover the Macar d’Alfurinet, a beach consisting in a carpet of enormous stones along the coast.

In order to reach this idyllic place we must take the main road until we get to the 34th kilometre, where we take the turning towards Cala Pilar. After leaving the vehicle at a well indicated car park, we can enjoy the beauty of a half hour stroll towards the north. Another option is to reach Ets Alocs and walk along the coast line.