Car and Motocycle

Vehicle hire is perhaps the most popular way to get around and enjoy the island, but you could also consider a motorbike hire. There are specialist vehicle and rental companies operating on the island. You could also consider travelling over to the island with your own motorbike or vehicle if you are planning a long stay, perhaps it would be more economical.

Filling your tank up is quite easy –there are a number of 24h petrol stations, especially during the summer months.

Parking, can be a bit hair raising especially during the high season, but each year parking in the urban areas improves and car parks are better indicated with signs; however, it is always wise to check your urban map prior to driving to town.

Around the coastline, the more commercial beaches have generally good parking facilities, the more remote “virgin” beaches normally have designated parking areas away from the beach and with limited parking spaces, Today, you will find that these beaches, particularly those around the Ciutadella area have illuminated indicatory boards highlighting the parking places available- these signs are generally placed at the start of the road, it is indeed a marvellous idea as it saves a wasted journey, particularly during the high season.