Es Mercadal

The geographical centre of the island dates back to the times of the Spanish Reconquering of the Moors and its centre radiates around the Church of Saint Marti (Iglesia de Sant Martí) and the old mill, now changed into a restaurant.

Es Mercadal is another pretty whitewashed village with quaint streets. It is perhaps one of the prettiest rural villages where the day to day life of its inhabitants has not changed too much over the times.

The village is overwhelmed with pastry shops, restaurants and coffee bars; take a visit to Cas Sucrer, perhaps the island’s best homemade cake shop. Though, away from the gastronomic delights of the village you can also call and order a pair of made to fit abarcas (local sandals) and visit the Aljub (water well) built during the British occupation to store rain water.

The village is dominated by the El Toro Mountain, the highest point on the island. At its peak you can discover a beautiful 14th C square tower, a Franciscan church and sanctuary and the best views of the island on a clear day, living up to its name as the balcony on the skies.

In the county of Mercadal you will find the fishing village of Fornells, the island’s main water sports centre. We recommend that you take a sea outing to view the northern coastline with its hidden coves, crystal waters and beaches. This fishing village has a small population of 300 residents but in the summer this increases dramatically with day trippers, summer holiday makers and evening diners. The village has some excellent sea food restaurants and the caldereta de langosta (lobster stew) is a speciality.