La Catedral

Right in the middle of the old town centre of Ciutadella, we can find a building which will astonish us without doubt: The Cathedral of Minorca. This impressive temple was built by order of King Alfonso 3rd in the honour of the Virgin Saint Mary in the 14th century on top of an old Muslim mosque, which still keeps the minaret as the bell tower base. The Cathedral of Minorca is the island’s best preserved gothic building. Its structure consists in one only chamber and has various lateral chapels, of which the Capilla de las Animas is the most relevant, as a precious sample of the 18th century Minorcan baroque. The Capilla del Santísimo, dated from the 19th century also has its importance. The cathedral became the bishop’s see in the 18th century when Minorca created its own diocese.

After the Spanish civil war (1936-1939) it was rebuilt and the interior was refurbished. In 1987 the complete reform was started and in 1993 the organ was re-located for sound reasons. Today, as well as being able to admire the architectonical beauty of the cathedral, we can enjoy the classical music concerts performed inside.