Torre d’en Galmés

Torre d’en Galmés is the largest talayotic settlement on the island with over 60.000 square metres. It is located on a hill, as it originally had the mission of controlling the territory. It consists of a public area, we we can find a precint with three talaiots, where the people may have gathered at one time of the past to celebrate their ceremonies. This space is at the high part of the hill, where we can also visit the taula area with its fallen capital and a room area. At the further bottom side we can see a covered hypostyle made of slabs sustained by Mediterranean style columns.

Archaeological works have revealed that this settlement was inhabited many centuries even after the Roman period.

This impressive village can be reached by the road to Son Bou (Alaior), where we will find a divert which will lead us to the site. Once there, we can leave the vehicle at the car park and visit the settlement’s information box.