Binifadet Vineyard

Vineyard Binifadet, much more than a winery tour. What does the Binifadet experience involve?

A stroll at your own pace through our vineyard; we show you the way and you plot the route

Discover the history of wine on Minorca. Wine is no novelty on our island, but has centuries of history. Want to learn more?

Enjoy a free guided tour of the winery including an explanation of how we create our different varieties of wine (at 11am., 12am., 13pm., 16pm., 17pm., 18pm., and 19pm.)

Take part in a free expert tasting of all our wines and gourmet products

Complete your own tasting scorecard and rate our products

Find everything to do with the world of wine in our specialist store

Relish a glass of wine, a cocktail, tapas or our menu of dishes prepared in our B-terrace, enjoying the peace that permeates this unique environment. breathing in the tranquillity which this unique setting exudes.

Come along, we are open every day from 9am. until midnight, July through September. In May and October, every day from 10am. to 20h. Throughout the winter, from Monday to Friday from 10am. to 15h.

Take the tour or just sample our products on the bar terrace

C/Ses Barraques, s/n – Sant Lluís

T.: 971 15 07 15