Carme Church

We find the Carme Church in the heart of Maó, where the trading bustle as well as the leisure atmosphere is constant. This neoclassic style monument is Mao’s largest religious building. The Carmelite nuns after years of appeal managed to convince the British Government, the rulers of the moment, acknowledged their demand to build a church as well as a convent for themselves. It was started to be built in 1750, although it was not finished until seventy years after. Its structure offers an outstanding lantern dome. Parallel to the building, the cloister and the convent were built with simple lines. The inside toady holds a busy market where we can buy fresh products from the island, as well as typical items of the island.

The cloister is used for celebrating cultural events and shows. The higher level offers us the chance to visit some extraordinary cultural proposals. The Hernández Sanz-Hernandez Mora collection where important pieces of books decorative art from the 18th to 20th centuries are exhibited. Some of the drawings and etchings are very quite helpful, as they allow us to observe haoww Maó used to be in the past.