Cloister of the Convent of Carmen

Beside the neoclassical church del Carmen, is the “Cloister of the Convent of Carmen” built between 1750 and 1808. It housed the Carmelite order, later became courthouse and jail and currently hosts a number of spaces for cultural use, including the collection of Hernández Mora Foundation.

On the ground floor is the market of meat, fruits and vegetables. The market is located in this area for more than a century ago. Under the patio was created a new commercial space connected to the underground car park of the Plaza Miranda. The large terrace has become a unique space, ideal for a drink, coffee, tea and a good cocktail, but also to take a lunch or snack in a quiet environment, and surprises and musical performances at the evening.

A concert program, performing arts and projections every day of the week for those looking for live performances, and activities of all kinds: exchange markets, crafts, documentaries, lectures, theater, circus … and especially music!