Equestrian Shows

The next time we visit a minorcan breaking in, we will acknowledge the close bond created between man and horse through out the past. These equestrian shows are a great chance to admire the nobleness and suppleness of the Minorcan bred horse. The harmony of their spectacular exercises will never stop surprising us.

Horses have had through out history, a close relationship with the minorcan inhabitants. During the 14th century the horse was already the protagonist of the defence system of Minorca, involved with the “camí de cavalls” which surrounded the island. This system was based on the exchange of land by the king for he who could bring up a horse to defend in case of enemy attacks. Then, the horses were to be necessarily swift and strong in order to manoeuvre along the rocky surface of the island and, therefore, reach the place in conflict and retreat with speed. The harmonic relation between mankind and the horse has been preserved ever since, as man has learnt to protect and care for them reaching the perfect balance between the tasks carried out in the country and the folkloric festivals..

The fact that the Minorcan horse is an autochthonous breed, can not be conceived without bearing in mind that this highly appreciated animal is the true and only protagonist of the patron saint festivities.