Monte Toro Sanctuary

At the summit of the Toro mountain, with its 358 metres of height( the highest point on the island), we will ahve the chance of witnessing one of the most impressive views. We are talking about the Mare de Deu del Toro sanctuary, closely related with the restoration of Christianisation in the 13th century. Ever since, it has been considered quite important to the Minorcans who recognize it as a spiritual gathering point and pilgrimage.

We enter into a whitwashed patio through a great doorway, which leads us towards a small chapel built between the end of the 16th century and beginnings of the 17th on top of an originally gothic church. Nowadays, its is permanently open to the public, we can appreciate a view of the wood carved figure of the Toro Virgin, patron saint of the Minorcans.

Nowadays, the sanctuary is inhabited by a religious community of Franciscan nuns of the Misericordia and also offers inn service for days of reflection and gathering of the different Minorcan associations. This refuge counts with the necessary furniture and services (bunk beds, kitchen bathroom) which will allow us to meditate in peace and calm.