Naveta des Tudons

The naveta des Tudons is one of the most emblematic monuments of the Balearic Islands’ history. One cannot miss the visit due to its beauty and the magic rising from the stones. It is funeral monument from the ending period of the pretalayotic era (bronze age), built from huge stone blocks perfectly assembled in the shape of a vessel upside down. Its façade is flat and slightly curved, where we can find a door opening into a square hall, which communicates the lower chamber to the one above by means of a sloping chimney. After previous excavations in the past, it seems that the naveta was supposed to be the chamber for the dead, as the inside was designated for the presence of the dead together with their personal belongings. They were also offered other objects such as bronze or china figures.

Its access is situated at the kilometre number 40 of the road between Maó and Ciutadella. There is a car park at the entrance of the field.