Torralba d’en Salort

This prehistoric village outstands for having one of the island’s best preserved sanctuaries: where we can admire a monumenta “taula” ( of about five metres high); a whorshipping monument, fascinating for its size and perfect finishing off.

Two circular based talaiots also outstand, as well as a hypostyles chamber half buried which served as a store during the 1st century b.C. covered with slabs sustained by columns and remains of rooms and water tanks. It also has ruins of a wall, a well, talayotic housings and a medieval village built with stones from the near surroundings.

Excavations carried out at the sanctuary revealed perfume censers imported by the Punic shaped as the godess Tanit, as well as a bronze bull.

The village belongs to the talayotic period and was inhabited from the 10th century b.C. until the Roman era. There are some vestiges of an occupation during the Middle Ages.

Its access is found at the kilometre 2,5 on the raod between Alaior and Cala en Porter.