Teatro Principal

The Teatro Principal de Mahon is the oldest opera theater of Spain. The theater is municipally owned. Was built in 1829 by the Italian architect Giovanni Palagi, on the remains of the wall that surrounded the city of Mahon. The design is a classic Italian horseshoe-shaped theater, which is key factor for superb acoustics.

Throughout the 180 years of continuous activity, it has undergone various changes and reforms that have been adapted to the needs of every age. The last reform was made in 2001, in this, the theater underwent a complete renovation that provided it with all the technical infrastructure, facilities and services of a modern theater. The capacity is 837 locations, while at 160 are of reduced visibility because its form.

It has permanent employees and independent management, through the Foundation Mahon Main Theater, established in 2001 by the city of Mahon, which has the status of Founding Patron.