Nautical Activities

It`s not surprising that with so much water at hand that Minorca is a haven for water sports, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, diving etc are easily arranged. An additional advantage is that the island is affected by many local winds and therefore great for sailed sports. As you can imagine the island has many reputable nautical clubs and teaching schools.If you practise scuba-diving then try a dive here with a professional school or group, we have such clean and transparent waters offering a full Mediterranean marine life – you will not be disappointed.

Canoeing is becoming very popular, and regular excursions can be arranged with the specialist guides. It is a superb way of experiencing the adventure of the sea whilst discovering caves, passing under the most astonishing natural bridges and enjoying the coastline. Witness the action among one of the Mediterranean’s best preserved areas. Minorca, known as the “isle of wind”, is the scenery dreamed by any lover of sailing.The great number of nautical services offer us the chance of discovering an idyllic coast line where we can witness spectacular diving trips due to the richness of its sea beds. The boat harbour premises around the island, where the Nautical Stations are located, offer every type of service and commodity for those who love nautical sports.

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Canoeing and Kayaking

kayak Menorca

Discovering Minorca in a canoe is a good way of living a sea adventure through the virgin nature. The different itineraries....

Sailing and Windsurfing


Minorca is the longed island for those in love with sailing. We can windsurf or sail in small vessels within the calm waters....



If you practise diving in Minorca, you will be charmed by its transparent waters hiding so many natural treasures. We can....

Sea Excursions


A large number of nautical service companies around the island offer us the chance of making excursions on board a variety....