Virgin Beaches

Minorca offers a number of natural treasures in the shape of beaches and hidden virgin coves. They are authentic paradises where one can enjoy the sea in complete contact with nature. Its access isn’t often easy, although if we don’t mind walking a while we will receive a great reward: fine sands and crystal waters of unique beauty.

Some of these beaches can only be reached by sea. To arrive at its shores by boat is, without any doubt, the best way of capturing the entire beauty of the island. Each minorcan cove, due to its natural features, with holds its own charm. Therefore, we can differentiate types of beaches within a same area. The majority of beaches and virgin coves around the island have areas for nudists.

Cala el Pilar


Cala Pilar is one of the beaches with the most difficult access on the island, which leads to the fact of finding itself....

Cala Trebalúger


The difficulty in reaching it turns it into a scarcely visited beach, perfect for those searching for peace while taking a....

Cala Cavalleria


Cavalleria virgin beach is located to the west of Cape Caballería and the Ferrugat outlet, forming two extended sandy areas....

Cala Presili


Cala Presili, together with the nearby s'Arenal de Morella and the d'en Tortuga beach, are the the wildest three beaches of....

Cala Algairens


The d'Algaiarens valley belongs to the Natural Areas of Special Interest which can be visited around the island. Within this....

Cala Mitjana and Mitjaneta


Mitjana and Mitjaneta are, thanks to its characteristics, a clear example of the beauty of the island's south coast coves.....

Cala Macarella and Macarelleta


These well known southern coast coves are, thanks to their natural characteristics, the most highly appreciated by the beach....

Cala en Turqueta


This beach is a real natural treasure. Its name clearly refers to the turquoise colour of its crytal waters. It is, without....



The San Adeodato and Binigaus beaches stretch along after the Codrell rocky obstacle. Along the far western tracks the....