14. Cala Galdana – Sant Tomas

This route could be nicknamed the gorge path, as it crosses several of island’s most important gorges. These geological formations, a typical feature of Minorca, reward those taking this path with some impressive views and landscapes.

A rich variety of flora abunds, including numerous species, many of which are endemic. Diversity is also evident in animal life, as the route offers many chances to observe birds of prey as well as water birds.

This path also provides the opportunity to observe how, at any time of year, water is transported along the most important gorge, such as Algendar, Trebalúger and Albranca. This water is the reason why the gorges are damp and aquatic vegetation exist here. Sand dune vegetation can be spotted when visiting the coves of Cala Mitjana, Cala Trebalúger or Binigaus.

The Binigaus gorge is just a short distance from this path, the location of four of Minorca’s most important relevant carstic caves. Cova des Coloms, also known as “the Cathedral” is the most outstanding because of its size. Near the top of the gorge is an interesting hypostyle chamber, called Es Galliner de Madona.

Distance: 9.97 km

Level: medium

Tourist services:

Hotels: Cala Galdana, Sant Tomàs

Bars, restaurants and supermarkets: Cala Galdana, Sant Tomàs.