15. Sant Tomás – Son Bou

This path crosses the low coastline located within the central part of Minorca’s south coast. Along this sooth track, the natural landscape varies very little as there are no sudden cliff walls formed by natural gorges. The unchanging relief provides the opportunity to observe typical rocky vegetation found on the front line of the coast; this basically consists of salt-resistant plants. Plant life transforms inland. This change is evident at Sant Tomàs and Son Bou beaches where typical dune vegetation springs up. One other observation to be made in this area is how humans have influenced the landscape, converting flat land into farmland.

At the easterly end of this section, the path crosses the bottom if Sa Vall gorge, offering a privileged view of the gorge’s interior, as well providing a close up display if typical exuberant vegetation found in marshes, forming the Prat de Son Bou.

Distance: 6.4 km

Level: easy

Tourist services:

Hotels: Sant Tomàs, Son Bou

Bars, restaurants and supermarkets: Sant Tomàs, Son Bou.