7. Cala Pilar – Algairens

This section is covers several different ecosystems and habitats along the route.

After departing from the pebbles at El Pilar, the path leads to the sands of Cala Pilar and Alfuri, which are home to a high concentration of endemic flora.

The route path’s crosses scene that are typical of Minorca’s north coast, with views of crystal clear waters making a sharp contrast with the terracotta red of the rocks and the yellow sands.

The path’s route leads through woods and past a wide variety if bush species.

As the path advances, the unmistakable scent of sea air and saline vegetation indicates the arrival at Pla de Mar. The route then return inland until it reaches La Vall, a dune system that leads to Cala Algairens.

Distance: 8.22 km

Level: medium

Tourist services:

Hotels: no

Bars, restaurants and supermarkets: no