8. Algairens – Cala Morell

This section is filled with strong and beautiful natural contrasts, as the route crosses the Tramuntana area to so-called dry Minorca. The change between one zone and other begins at Vall d’Algaiarens (valley) which is covered with woods, before it gives way to low level vegetation at the popular bay, Cala de ses Fontanelles. This radical change of scenery allows us to discover a new kind of flora, formed by diverse number of endemic species, There are many of these species concentrated at the Corniola marine, where there are abundant plants such as rosemary and heather as well as the traditional camamil•la (Minorcan chamomile); a plant valued for its medicinal qualities.

Following the coastline, the path leads to Cala Morell. There is an important necropolis dating back to the Talayotic age /1500-300 BC) on the impressive cliffs face, formed by caves dug into the rock. This busy cove is also of great geological interest as it is the exact spot where the island’s two geological units meet, Migjorn and Tramuntana.

Distance: 3.97 km

Level: medium

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