If you practise diving in Minorca, you will be charmed by its transparent waters hiding so many natural treasures. We can discover a wide variety of life along its sea beds which deserves being observed. This is an authentic magic wood with plants and an astonishing jungle life of unique marine species. While diving, we will be amazed by its caves, light effects and a number of ship wrecks. The outline of the northern coast turn their underwater exploring into an unforgettable experience, specially when one approaches the marine Reserve in the northern area, with crystal waters inhabited by a large diversity of flora and fauna species from the Mediterranean. We can , therefore, observe how a sea bass or a lobster move around in absolute liberty. Its rocky bottom hide extraordinary caves which will allow us to experiences dives to be reminded for ever.

Along the clam southern coast, one can dive into its transparent waters in search for nature gems at the d’en Caracol reef or around the bucolic Isla del Aire.