Sea Excursions

A large number of nautical service companies around the island offer us the chance of making excursions on board a variety of vessels, destination: the beauty of the Minorcan coast.

Thanks to the itineraries covered by these charter cruises, we can either choose a voyage through history contemplating hundreds of year old coastal fortresses (specially along the port of Maó), or, if we prefer our destination can be the beauty of the beaches, many of which are only accessible by sea, where we can take a delicious swim in crystal clear waters or snorkel and discover the fascinating sea bed. More over , some companies offer exclusively diving excursions, providing a complete knowledge regarding the sea and the necessary equipment leaving us the only worry to experience an unforgettable day under the sea. If we should wish to capture the real beauty of the coast, we shouldn’t miss an excursion to witness a sunset at sea.