Playas de Fornells – Tirant

Cala Tirant is formed by a small beach to the east and a wide band of sand to the west(570 metres long and 20 metres wide). It is a beach open out to the sea and, as usual in the north, has no shade. There is a large marsh area behind the dunes and a small stream flows on the far western side. The apartment blocks arise at each side on the rocks belonging to the residential areas of Playas de Fornells and Cala Tirant.

We can access this beach from Es Mercadal by the Me-15 road which leads to Fornells. 6,5 kilometres further we must turn left until reaching the residential area. Another way to get there is taking the C-723 turn at the 5km. Sign. Following the signs (Tirant) after 4 kilometres, we reach the west side of the beach.