Typical Products

The island’s diet follows the healthy Mediterranean way, fresh fish, shellfish, fruit, dairy products and vegetables.

CALDERETA DE LANGOSTA: One of the islands most famous sea food dish is the Caldereta de Langosta (lobster stew) and can be eaten in all the best restaurants. The past occupations of the island have also made their mark on the islanders. During the French occupation the French chefs picked up a local sauce made with eggs and olive oil, they stole this recipe and went on to use the sauce in their own kitchens- this famous sauce was called “salsa de mahon” today you will know it as mayonnaise.

GIN: The British occupations from the 18thC left the “gin”. This very special drink is distilled entirely from juniper berries which gave, and still gives the gin its remarkable aroma. Sharing the custom of drinking gin for breakfast or as a fiesta drink is an experience not to be missed. The distillery, situated in the port of Mao, is open to the public.

TRADITIONAL MINCED AND SPICED PRODUCTS: The most recognised sausage is the spicy “sobrassada”, but there are black puddings, chopped hams and a full host of cold meats and sausages to try whilst here.The traditional island sausages are handmade in handicraft style; with knowledge and without any hurry, as it has been done for ages in the island’s homes. We will be able to appreciate this the moment we taste the most popular of the Minorcan sausages: the “sobrassada”. In the same case as the “carnixua” or the “camot”, all of them are elaborated with meat from the autochthonous cattle.

CHEESE: The cheese officially known as Origen Menorca is one of the most appreciated in the world. Its flavour gathers the entire Minorcan essence. The natural landscapes where the cows peacefully graze and its traditional elaboration process transports the island’s good taste to your mouth.

LIQUORS: The liquor tradition in Minorca comes from far away in time; since the British occupation on the island in the 18th century and is manufactured gin totally distilled from juniper berries which gives it an incomparable aroma. Other fruit and herb liquors are also elaborated in traditional way.

CAKES AND BAKED PASTRY PRODUCTS:Cakes and pastry cooking in Minorca is closely bound to the popular celebrations around the island. During the patron saint festivities we will be able to enjoy a delicious mug of hot chocolate with an ensaimada, at Easter the formatjades (meat pies) are eaten, the home made donuts with delicious Minorcan honey at all saints day and the greixerex(cheese cakes) eaten during Carnaval.

MARKETS: Minorca is a dairy producing island and therefore it is not surprising to note that these products dominate the markets, cheeses, cold meat sausages and milk. These products have a special taste due to the strong gusts of Tramontana wind, that soak the fields with sea salt, making it a delicacy for the grazing cattle and hence the milk and the islands dairy products has that special taste. Whilst you are on the island feel welcome to visit some of the working farms that are open to the public. The traditional cold meat sausages are also manufactured in a homemade setting.